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Why Sell Your Judgment?

The process of perfecting and collecting a Judgment is complicated. Many Judgments go uncollected because the Court will not force the debtor to pay and the Judgment Holder does not know the ins and outs of the legal system. Our company purchases uncollected Judgments and gives Judgment holders the opportunity to realize a favorable return on a Judgment deemed worthless.

• By selling your Judgment you will receive a favorable return and you collect your money immediately

• By selling your Judgment, you will receive guaranteed immediate payment for your Judgment

• Judgment enforcement can be an expensive process, eroding the value of your Judgment

• Enforcing a Judgment may consume a lot more time than you care to waste

• You save more than money and time when you sell your Judgment - you also save yourself the inconvenience and  frustration typically associated with the process of collecting a Judgment


Collecting your Judgment yourself - the process:

Once you are awarded a Judgment, the feeling of victory quickly fades when you realize that the debtor is not legally required to pay. You are simply entitled to collect the money. You learn that the Clerk of Court and Judge cannot provide you with legal advice, so you comb through the internet in an effort to learn how to enforce a Judgment. To your dismay, you find out that it is solely up to you locate and seize the debtor's assets to satisfy the Judgment.

Enforcing a Judgment can seem a daunting task to the average person, and without the proper knowledge and resources, your efforts will provide you with zero results. The time and expense required to collect a Judgment can cause even the most determined person to give up. It is at that point that your Judgment becomes a worthless piece of paper.

While you may feel that selling your Judgment for a reduced rate diminishes the amount you have been awarded by the Court, the economic reality is that attempting to collect your own Judgment may not be cost effective. In fact, it may be cost prohibitive.

Why spend more time and money on attorney's fees and costs when you can sell your Judgment to us and receive your funds within 24 hours?

We provide you with the benefit of a partial recovery without the hassles, challenges and unsuccessful attempts of collecting the Judgment yourself. Although you will not get the full face value of your Judgment, you will be getting something worthwhile versus nothing for your efforts.  Most importantly, you will be getting the justice you deserve!

Receive a favorable return on your Judgment

By selling your Judgment to Marley, Hunter & Winston, LLC, you will avoid additional costs and the uncertainty of collecting, and receive guaranteed immediate payment for your Judgment.

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